We are currently considering expansion of our distribution into local grocery stores, C-stores, restaurants, craft breweries, and more! Contact Bill at (952) 237-0527 or Email at bschleper@prodigy.net to start the discussion and be considered for this opportunity!


What makes MinnesotaNICE Water so much better than other brands? 

-           PREMIUM PURIFIED Bottled Water: MinnesotaNICE Water is some of the purest water you will find in the world! Our water undergoes a 5-stage purification process, including reverse osmosis AND Ozonation Sterilization! The Ozonation Sterilization process is chemical-free, and 3200 times more effective than chlorine! Hourly checks on the bottling line insure consistency of taste, mineral content, pH, and related parameters. Bottom line is that you get some of the cleanest, purest, best tasting water available anywhere!

-          EXTRA-sturdy, 100% recyclable, BPA-FREE bottles, which makes our purified water your BEST choice for the vending & micro-market industries!

-          No more annoying “crinkle-crackle” sounds at important meetings or during phone calls, like you hear from those cheap, thin plastic water bottles!

-           GREAT-tasting water with a purification process that blows away the competition and stands amongst the best and purest in the entire country!

-          Locally bottled in Icy-Cold Minnesota!

-          Multiple Bottle Sizes/Designs for Every Need:  20-oz.,  16.9-oz., or 12-oz. bottles - all labeled for individual bottle sale!

-          Purchase by the case (24 bottles), pallet (60 cases) or truckload (21 pallets!)

-          Distributed by North-Central Vending Sales & Service, Inc. – Bloomington/Shakopee, MN. Phone #(952) 237-0527.

-          Websites: www.minnesotanicewater.com or www.northcentralvendingsales.com


-         Twitter:  @MNIceWater                                Facebook:  @minnesotanicewaterllc